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Step 1 - Aluminum Acid Wash

Aluminum Acid Wash
BKP Step 1
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    Aluminum Acid Wash

    • Foaming aluminum acid wash and brightener.
    • Acid truck wash for fleet washing.
    • Fast acting aluminum acid cleaner starts working on contact.
    • Contains inhibitors to prevent future corrosion.
    • Concentrated janitorial, industrial, commercial cleaner.
    • Biodegradable

    Acid Truck Wash – Bio-Kleen Step 1

    • Bio-Kleen Step 1 is a foaming aluminum acid cleaner and brightener and acid truck wash - fleet washing product.
    • Use aluminum acid wash to remove stains, discoloration, aluminum oxide, salt and corrosion on aluminum and metals.
    • This aluminum acid cleaner quickly foams and rinses away freely.
    • An acid truck wash containing corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and protect.
    • Use Bio-Kleen Step 1 as the first step in truck fleet washing or for an acid wash bath.
    • Also use this aluminum acid wash to remove brake and rail dust from rims, side rails and paint.

    USES: Clean and deoxidize aluminum and metal, clean spoke, mag and clearcoated rims, remove brake dust off paint, acid washing, truck wash, fleet washing.

    Corrosive. Handle with care. Do not mix with any other cleaners. Use cold, do not heat.

    Green Cleaning Attributes

    • Contains Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Concentrated Cleaner: Highly effective allowing you to dilute per application; saving Time, Money, Transportation, Packaging and Shipping Costs. Therefore reducing the environmental impact.
    • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
    • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
    • Biodegradable


    Aluminum / Spoke / Mag / Clearcoated rims: 1:4
    Remove brake dust off paint: 1:9
    Acid Wash / Fleet washing: 1:10 - 1:100
    DIRECTIONS: Brush or spray Bio-Kleen Step 1 aluminum acid wash under low pressure on dry surface (See dilutions tab for proper dilutions) starting from the bottom and working up. Let stand 3-5 minutes allowing product to foam (product will not foam if used as an acid truck wash on painted or coated surfaces, foam only occurs on raw aluminum and metal surfaces). As foam begins to run re-treat exposed areas. Rinse thoroughly before product dries. Extremely corroded surfaces may require additional attention, agitation or more dwell time before rinsing.

    NOTE: Do not mix this cleaner with any other cleaners. Use cold, do not heat.

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