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Compounding Pad Double Sided Wool

Velcro Buffing Compounding Pads
Double Sided Wool Compounding Pad 8"
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    Wool Pad Double Sided

    • Wool pad double sided to restore and buff boat and rv fiberglass.
    • Compounding pad to buff out scratches and blemishes from automobiles.
    • 8"" Diameter, 1.25"" Wool, Double Sided

    made in usa

    Tuffer Buffer® Compounding Pad

    • Wool pad double sided specially designed for compounding and general buffing.
    • This easy to use and flexible pad allows you to buff and compound faster with two sides and get into hard to reach areas without damaging the surface.
    • Use with Fiberglass Restoration Compound as a compounding pad to restore fiberglass boat hulls and rv exteriors that have been heavily oxidized.
    • Use with Buffing Compound as a buffing pad to remove swirl marks and light scratches and oxidation from painted automotive surfaces and as the final step to complete restoration and polish of boat and rv fiberglass.
    • This compounding pad is constructed of select 100% twisted 4-ply sheepswool and washable for repeated use.
    • 8"" Diameter, 1.25"" Wool, Double Sided Pad
    • NOTE: For use with Extender Bolt

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