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RV Roof Cleaner Protectant

RV Roof Cleaner
RV Roof Cleaner 32oz
RV Roof Cleaner
RV Roof Protectant
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    RV Roof Cleaner

    • RV Rubber Roof Cleaner maximizes the life of rubber RV roofs.
    • RV Roof Protectant with SPF 70 UV Blocker.
    • Safe for EPDM, PVC, TPO, and most RV roofs.
    • Provides up to 6 months protection.
    • Biodegradable, Non-aerosol.

    RV Roof Protectant

    • Maximizes the life of RV rubber roofs by cleaning and protecting in one application.
    • This rubber RV roof cleaner removes black streaks, oxidation, and general build-up.
    • Safe for EPDM, PVC, TPO, and most RV roof surfaces.
    • Contains an SPF 70 UV blocker that will adhere to the surface and provide up to six months of protection against UV rays, chalking, streaking, and deterioration.
    • Petroleum-Free: Contains no petroleum solvents, distillates or harsh abrasives.
    • Made in the USA.

    Green Cleaning Attributes

    • Petroleum-Free
    • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
    • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients
    • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

    NOTE: Prior to cleaning inspect RV roof for damage or potential water leaks.

    DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. At least two applications a year are recommended for optimal protection. Use product at regular strength for 1-2 applications per year. For more frequent applications dilute product 1:1 with water (one gallon RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant mixed with one gallon of water).

    Sweep excess dirt off RV roof with a broom and rinse entire RV surface including the roof, sides, front, and back. Leave RV roof wet and apply RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant in 3-4 ft. sections. Agitate with a wet scrub brush. Absorb residue with a sponge mop and rinse the mop in a clean bucket of water. Repeat until entire roof is clean and rinse completely. Stubborn areas may require a second application.

    Once roof has been cleaned it is strongly recommended to wash the exterior of the RV with RV Wash to clean any sediment removed from the roof onto the RV exterior.

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