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Snowmobile Tunnel Polishing Kit

Snowmobile Tunnel Polish Kit
Polishing Ball & SledBrite Metal Polish 2oz
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    Snowmobile Tunnel Polish Kit

    • Snowmobile Metal Polish and Polishing Ball
    • Quickly and Easily Polish Sled Tunnels and Metals
    • Creates Brilliant Shine and Protection

    The Snowmobile Tunnel Polish Kit combines the SledBrite snowmobile metal polish and snowmobile metal polishing ball together into a kit for polishing your snowmobile tunnels and metals.
    SledBrite Metal Polish
    • Sled Brite Metal Polish is guaranteed to shine your snowmobile tunnel, trailer, heat shields or virtually any oxidized metal.
    • A few drops buffed onto a clean surface using a circular motion is all it takes. Your tunnel will shine like the day you picked it up from the show room floor.
    • SledBrite Metal Polish is a concentrated, fast drying, metal polish formulated for hand cleaning of aluminum, stainless steel, gold, brass, chrome, silver and more.
    • Lasts longer than conventional metal polishes
    • Seals as it polishes metals for lasting protection
    • Heat resistant on metals up to 1350ºF

    Buffing Polishing Ball
    • The Biokleen Polishing Ball is the fastest and most efficient way to polish. 4"" in Diameter.
    • Made with soft, durable fibers. Effective on a wide range of surfaces and built to last. Excellent on smooth and textured surfaces.
    • Fits into tight, hard to reach areas to make any difficult polishing job quick and easy.
    • Connects to any common drill.
    • Can be washed and reused. Note: polishing ball may not need to be washed in between applications if polishing the same surface type using the same polish.

    Use on: Snowmobile tunnels, snowmobile exhaust, snowmobile metals, heat shield, trailer, billet, diamond plate, running boards, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, gold, brass, silver, copper, bronze, nickel and more.

    Remove heavy oxidation first with SledBrite Aluma Kleen. This clean the metal and helps the Metal Polish apply easier and last longer.

    SledBrite Metal Polish
    • Élimine les imperfections
    • Crée un brillant éclatant
    • Résistant à la chaleur jusqu’à 1350°F
    • Polie la plupart des métaux
    Le Metal Polish SledBrite est un polissant à métaux concentrés qui sèche rapidement, formulé pour le nettoyage de l’aluminium, de l’acier inoxydable, de l’or, du chrome, de l’argent, du laiton et bien plus encore.
    Shake SledBrite Metal Polish well to activate before and during applications. Do not use on metals with any type of overlay.

    Polishing Metals (Snowmobile tunnels, snowmobile exhaust, heat sheild, trailer, aluminum polish, stainless steel polish, chrome polish, billet polish, diamond plate polish, running boards, gold, brass, silver, copper bronze, nickel and more):

    For best results, apply SledBrite Metal Polish with Biokleen Polishing Ball : Always use Biokleen Polishing Ball with drill in forward, or clockwise, direction. Place two to four dime-size drops of metal polish proportionally across the ball for initial application. Add one to two additional drops as needed for the application. Start by using the drill at slow speeds until polish is absorbed, then increase speed. Polish metal until entire surface turns black. Buff off metal with an additional Biokleen Polishing Ball or a clean, dry terry cloth towel for a brilliant shine. Always use precaution when using hand tools. Always wear protective eyewear.

    For polishing metals by hand: Place a clean, dry terry cloth towel over mouth of SledBrite Metal Polish bottle - flip bottle over; using that dime-sized spot, rub metal vigorously until surface turns black. Buff off metal surface with an additional clean, dry terry cloth towel for a brilliant shine.
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