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Upholstery Cleaning Brush

Upholstery Cleaning Brush
Upholstery Cleaning Brush
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    Upholstery Cleaning Brush

    • Great for a multitude of cleaning and detailing jobs.
    • Upholstery cleaning brush for interior cleaning and interior detailing.
    • Cleaning brushes for upholstery, floor mats, carpet and car tops.
    • 8.5"" in Length, 1"" Bristles

    made in usa

    Upholstery Cleaning Brush

    • This upholstery cleaning brush has stiff to medium, black nylon bristles which are staple-set in a solid plastic block. Extremely durable with a long lasting lifetime.
    • These cleaning brushes are especially effective on upholstery cleaning, carpet and floor mat cleaning and interior cleaning and interior detailing.
    • This handled cleaning brush allows you to clean into the cracks and crevasses of upholstery seats and gives you a firm grip on carpet and floor mats.
    • Cleaning brushes for heavy duty cleaning of interior upholstery and floor mats.
    • Nylon style cleaning detailing brush with medium stiffness.
    • Polypropylene bristles have high fatigue resistance greatly reducing breaking, splitting or complete fracture. After many cycles of flexing fatigue failure begins as a small crack and grows with each additional flexing until it breaks.
    • Polypropylene bristles have a higher bend recovery. Bend recovery is the ability of a nylon filament to flex and then return to its original position.

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