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Washing Brush Telescopic Flow Thru 66"

Washing Brush Telescopic Flow Thru
Washing Brush Telescopic Flow Thru 66"
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    Washing Brush

    • Washing brush with soft bristle and lightweight head.
    • Telescopic brush for boat, auto, rv, more.
    • Flow thru brush with easy on/off water switch.

    Telescopic Brush - Flow Thru Brush

    • Flow thru brush with long 66"" bi-level, telescopic brush design – giving you the advantage to using the brush at numerous lengths depending on the cleaning job.
    • Washing brush head is a replaceable, lightweight 10"" foam block with soft, flag tip bristles designed to effectively clean while being gentle to the surface.
    • Features a deluxe, one touch, on/off water flow switch to control water flow during washing.
    • Telescopic cleaning brush with a thick, robust handle design, built to withstand pressure.
    • Comfortable, custom handle grips for both hands and easily accessible one touch water flow switch.
    • A flow thru wash brush allows you to quickly wet your washing surface, wash and easily rinse each washing section - all without setting down your brush or reaching for the hose.
    • Covers a large cleaning area and makes it easy to wash corners and other hard to reach areas.
    • Telescopic flow thru handle reaches up to an impressive 66""
    • An ideal wash brush for boats, rv, car wash, or for washing vans, trucks and household siding.

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