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Acid Hull Cleaner - Bio-Kleen Hull Kleen

A commercial strength, fast acting, acid hull cleaner that quickly removes the waterline, scum, algae, lime, scale, rust and chalking with very little effort and leaves you with a clean boat hull.

Designed as an aggressive, one step, brush on, spray off acid hull cleaner that dissolves deposits and gives you the best economy when pulling boats out for storage and detailing.

Marinas and detailing businesses looking for a safer, biodegradable alternative to harsh acids and chemicals will be extremely impressed while cleaning hulls.

Not only is it effective but it is aromatic, emitting no harsh fumes or burns.

CAUTION: Test on areas other than gelcoated fiberglass before full application. Not recommended for glass, fabrics, and certain plastics, decals and metals. This is a commercial strength product that must be used with care. Safety glasses and protective clothing are recommended.

Clean boat hull, fiberglass boat hulls, boat props, outboards, stern drives, aluminum boats, pontoons and anodes.

Special Cleaning Attributes
  • Safer alternative to harsh acids
  • Aromatic: No harsh fumes or burns
  • Biodegradable, Non Aerosol
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
  • Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

For general hull cleaning see Hull Cleaner and Water Scum Line Remover.

Be sure to apply a Boat Wax to your clean boat hull for the ultimate shine and protection.

For tough build up use a Boat Brush for cleaning hulls.
DIRECTIONS: Ready to Use. Spray on surface, let stand 1-5 minutes, agitate with a soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly. For heavy deposits, a longer dwell time or a second application is recommended. Hot water always increases efficiency.

WARNING: Test on areas other than gel coated fiberglass before full application. Not recommended for glass, fabrics, and certain plastics, decals and metals.
Overall Customer Rating of 14 Reviews:
Elizabeth city,nc

This done everything great, spayed on wiped away scum line perfect, very happy

Product work great.

  • works%20great
  • melted%20my%20brush
The ACID Hull Cleaner worked great..only draw back was it seem to melt the brush I purchased at BIO-KLEEN....

Hull kleen

It worked great my jet ski looks new I would buy it again

Used Hull Kleen

I used Hull Kleen on my new boat. No harm to the paint. Cleaned the hull beautifully and easily (half hour per treatment) with little scrubbing. No harm to my grass either, which was a little shocking since it eventually chewed up my leather gloves.

Advise to wear mask and rubber gloves though. Lost a good pair of leather outdoor gloves, because I was too lazy to give them a good rinsing afterward.

hull kleener

  • quickly%20removed%20algae
Great product. Took me half the time to clean my pontoon boat this year. Will continue to use product.