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All Purpose Cleaner - Biokleen Paulines Pride Original

  • Multi purpose cleaner made with natural corn extracts.
  • Paulines Pride will easily and safely clean all types of cleaning jobs around the home, auto, office and garage.
  • his really is a superior all purpose cleaner for any washable fabric or surface.
  • Also a fantastic multi purpose cleaner for your countertop, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Cleans and removes the toughest stains from your stove, floors, carpet, laundry and more.

Multi purpose cleaner for all surface, counters, floors, stove tops, refrigerators, walls, grills and more. Clothes stain remover, carpet stain remover, spot stain remover, pet stain remover, blood stain remover, mold and mildew stain remover for your home exterior and basement.

Green Cleaning Attributes

  • No Dyes or Artificial Fragrance
  • Leaves no Chemical Residue
  • Gentle to Sensitivities and Allergies
  • Concentrated Cleaner: Highly effective allowing you to dilute per application; saving Time, Money, Transportation, Packaging and Shipping Costs. Therefore reducing the environmental impact.
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

  • BioPreferred

    Have more of a citrus taste than corn? Try this Citrus Stain Remover made with natural citrus extracts. Same great cleaning power with just a little different style. It’s All Good!


LIGHT CLEANING: 1:7 = 1oz to 1 cup water

MEDIUM CLEANING: 1:3 = 2oz to 1 cup water

HEAVY CLEANING: Ready to Use or 1:1 = 1oz to 1oz water


  • Counters / Light General Cleaning: Spray on, wipe clean.
  • Stovetops / Stains / Medium Cleaning: Spray on, let stand 5 minutes, agitate if needed, wipe clean with damp cloth, rinsing often. Wipe with additional dry cloth, if needed.
  • Carpet Stains: Spray on, let stand 5 minutes. Dip a toothbrush or towel (depending on style/thickness of carpet) in a bowl of cool water. Work in circular motions on the stain being careful not to spread beyond the stain; re-dip in water as needed. Blot the area dry with a towel and allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • Set In Laundry Stains: Spray directly onto stain, let stand 5 minutes. Submerse and soak entire garment in a 1oz per 1 gallon cool water solution for 24 hours. Retreat stain and agitate if needed. Wash in cold water and allow to hang dry. Repeat process in needed.
Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

PAULINES pride original all purpose cleaner

  • Quality
  • NONE
<p>Can't say enough about this amazing cleaner, works better then any I have tried!!!!! It is also SAFE for my pets. When my dog is licking up dropped food on my floors at least he isn't ingesting harmful chemicals from my floor cleaner. </p><p>Just think about that! WONDERFUL product!!!!!!!!</p>

Great Cleaner

<p>I use this cleaner for my fireplace insert glass doors, and it melts away the soot like no other cleaner I have tried. It also works great on carpet stains.</p>

Cleaning Products

I really like Pauline's Pride. I can use it on so many things.