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Pauline's Pride Original is a natural corn extract, multi-purpose cleaner which works safely and easily in a multitude of household and outdoor cleaning jobs. Pauline's Pride is a superior cleaner for any washable fabric or surface. It's high-powered formulation removes the toughest stains: wine, oil, tea, coffee, grease, grape juice, blood, lipstick, grass and pet stains. Pauline's Pride provides ultimate cleaning power on clothes, windows, carpets, floors, grills, counter tops, walls, stainless steel, vinyl, chrome, tools, boats, motor homes, patio furniture and much more.

Saturate soiled area thoroughly with spray. Wait ten minutes, scrub, rinse thoroughly.

Old or Set-In Stains: Spray on stain to be removed, let stand 24 hours. 30 minutes before washing retreat stain.

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Works great

Can't really give it a bad review its cleaned bathroom, kitchen, carpet, and alot of other stuff. Fun fact it's made from corn we are using it for experiment cleaning now and good results.