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Water Sprite® Boat Shammy Mop

  • Marine Master Premium Deck Mop.
  • Amazing, super absorbent synthetic PVA drying material actually lifts residual dirt and grime away from the surface ensuring no scratching and leaving boat decks, hulls and floors clean and dry.
  • This exclusive chamois mop not affected by mildew, bacteria, and common cleaning products and chemicals.
  • Clean and dry those tough to reach areas on your boat deck, hull or sail with the telescopic quick connect/disconnect handle.
  • Great for quickly removing that morning dew to prevent water spots before they dry.
  • Water Sprite® chamois material has proven it gently cleans and dries fine finished surfaces time and time again.
  • This boat chamois mop head provides spot free drying and cleaning.
  • Fast drying results on boats, RVs, windows, trailers, cars, planes, motorcycles, and more.
  • For use with Quick Connect/Disconnect Handle.