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Marine Polish – Bio-Kleen Polish & Sealant

  • A Liquid Wax Polish for Boats, RVs and Automobiles.
  • Deep Cleans – Restores Color – Polishes and Seals all in one application.
  • This is a deep cleaning boat polish that removes dullness while also enriching the color on your boat, rv, or vehicle. It is a unique, non-abrasive marine polish that bonds itself to the finish of your boat, RV or vehicle and creates a tough, yet smooth and slick protective shield against salt, acid rain, bird hits, tree sap, bug residue and UV rays. Created with extra-long lasting 250ºF UV protection.
  • The polymer in this polish gives fiberglass and paint a high degree of detergent resistance while still maintaining a breathable surface.
  • So you use can your boat, rv, automobile daily and still maintain excellent shine and protection.
  • Easy On / Easy Off: What’s that mean? Well, ever use a traditional wax and it was pretty tough to apply and even tougher to buff off? This polish applies easily and is a snap to buff off.
  • This polish is so versatile you can use it on more surfaces than a traditional wax. You can even apply it to the exterior windshield of your boat, rv, or automobile and the water will bead up and roll off.
  • Will not damage vinyl decals.
  • Also excellent for household use on surfaces such as: shower doors and tiles, mirrors, windshields, sinks, chrome and more. Applying the Bio-Kleen Polish & Sealant to these surfaces reduces water spots and adds shine and protection.

Special Attributes

  • Easy on, easy off
  • Polish, Seal, Protect: One Application
  • UV Protection
  • Restores color, brilliant shine
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients

Before applying Bio-Kleen Polish & Sealant clean surface first with a Boat/RV/Auto Wash. If applying to your boat hull or fiberglass RV: Remove heavy deposits with a Boat Hull Cleaner.

We like to apply the polish by hand with a Microfiber Applicator and buff off with a Foam Polishing Pad.

To maintain the high gloss shine and for quick and easy buff ups to remove any water spots that may have accumulated while sitting still, use a Spray Wax in-between polishes.


  • Shake well before and during use
  • Clean surface with a Boat/RV/Auto Wash to remove any excess dirt; rinse and dry. 
  • Apply Polish & Sealant with a slightly dampened polish applicator. Apply sparingly (a little goes a long way) and evenly by hand or orbital to a clean, dry surface using overlapping circular motions. 
  • Let dry to a haze. Buff with clean, dry, soft cloth to a brilliant, high gloss. 
  • NOTE: Not intended for vinyl molding, simulated wood grain panels, rubber trim or flat paint.

(1) 16oz = (2) 42ft. Boats, OR (3) 30 ft. RVs, OR (20) Cars

Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:
Cullman, Alabama

Like a new boat

My 1991 SeaRay looks like a new boat after using the compound then the polish/sealant. This is an all day job but if you follow the directions, your boat will look like new as mine does now. Very pleased with the results.


Awesome product

This wax/polish worked like a dream. It was easy on, easy off and brought our boat back to a showroom shine! I will only use this product when it comes to waxing our boat!

This Is the best wax I have ever used. Goes on easy and comes off just as easy. I use the micro fiber towels to wipe off and polish to a super durable shine that lasts for months.

Cuyahoga Falls, ohio


Very good polish. Used it on my 22' bayliner cruiser two times on one bottle. Ordered a new one so I have it here. After boating it makes it a breeze to wipe the boat clean again.

Great product. Application is easy and the protection lasts almost 6 months.