Boating USA

Boating in the USA is something we at Bio-Kleen are very passionate about. We've boated lots of places across the United States of America but we haven't seen them all. We've had great boating experiences in the Atlantic on the East Coast and Key West, in the Pacific on the West Coast, in the South on the Gulf of Mexico, fabulous in-land lakes like Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Havasu, Grand Lake O' the Cherokees and Lake Cumberland, and of course some of our favorite boating all across the Great Lakes and the in-land lakes of Michigan.

Boating in the United States of America can be as diverse as our people and the different boat types available. Which is what makes boating such a fun and adventurous activity for everyone. We started collecting some data on boating in the USA and the results are quite interesting and sometimes surprising.  We turned this data into the infographic below which focuses on the most current data for registered boaters in the United States, boat sales and total shoreline for each state.

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