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Washing Brush Telescopic Flow Thru
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    Telescopic Brush - Flow Thru Brush Flow thru brush with long 66"" bi-level, telescopic brush design – giving you the advantage to using the brush at numerous lengths depending on the cleaning job. Washing brush head is a replaceable, lightweight 10"" foam block with soft, flag tip bristles designed to effectively clean while being gentle to the surface. Features a deluxe, one touch, on/off water flow switch to control water flow during washing. Telescopic cleaning brush with a thick, robust...

    Cleaning Scrub Brush
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    BIOKLEEN Item #: A37800 (85-624) -

      Scrub Brush – Cleaning Brushes An iron style scrub brush with crimped, white, polypropylene bristles set in a durable plastic block. Plastic iron style handle provides for a good grip and makes this an easy to use cleaning brush. Especially effective on cleaning tires, wheels, upholstery and vinyl car tops. Nylon style cleaning brushes with medium stiffness. A tough wheel cleaning brush with a long lasting lifetime. These iron style cleaning brushes are built to last and remove tough stains....

      Industrial Cleaning Supplies

      These industrial cleaners are non-aerosol and ozone safe containing No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that cause the photochemical reaction of atmospheric oxygen to smog. These products are entirely vegan and cruelty free (absolutely no animal testing).

      Commercial Cleaners formulated for efficient industrial cleaning including: Parts Cleaner, Truck Wash Soap, Aluminum Acid Wash, Commercial Laundry Detergent, Limescale Remover, Restaurant Hood Cleaner, and Rust Inhibitor.