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Mist directly on effected areas.

  • Laundry: Pour 2-4 oz. in rinse cycle to eliminate odors.
  • Pet Odors: Mist effected areas.
  • Interiors of Boats, RV, Automobiles: Lightly mist entire interior.
  • Boating and Hunting Shoes: Mist into odorous areas and allow amble time to dry.
  • Holding Tanks & Bilges: Pour 4-8 oz. (depending on size) in empty tank or bilge repeat as needed.
  • Hunter's Apparel: To eliminate human scent - Apply fine mist to all outer garments including boots, then spray hands and wipe on exposed skin.
  • Fishing Lures: To eliminate human scent - Spray directly on to lures and air dry.
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Worked like a charm! Cannot wait to try other products.