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Bio-Kleen Aire Original is an unscented natural bactericidal formulation that works to destroy odors caused by organic decay, smoke, chemicals, sewage, mold, mildew, human scent, fish and animals. Accumulative, long lasting effects.

Deodorize Floors, Walls, Fabrics: Non-staining. Spray directly on affected areas.

Laundry: Pour 2-4 oz. in rinse cycle to eliminate odors.

Pets: Spray affected areas.

Interiors of Boats, Cars & RVs: Lightly spray entire interior.

Boating & Hunting Shoes: Spray into odorous areas.

Holding Tanks/Bilges: Pour 4-8 oz. in empty tank/bilge depending on size; repeat as needed.

Hunters Outer Apparel: Apply fine spray to all outer garments including boots, then spray hands and wipe on exposed skin.

Fishing Lures: Spray directly on to eliminate human scent and air dry.