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Water Scum Line Remover – Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover

  • A biodegradable boat hull cleaner and fiberglass RV cleaner.
  • Removes yellow hue and stains from fiberglass boat hull.
  • A water scum line remover that removes algae and scum lines, scale build-up, chalking and buildup from water minerals.
  • Easily removes built up mineral deposits on your boat’s drive showers.
  • Cleans spider droppings from boat and RV exterior.
  • Wipes or rinses away freely and leaves surface sparkling clean.
  • Excellent for removing chalking and stains within dry/indoor storage where rinsing is not permitted.
  • Ever get those rust stains con a building, concrete or other surface from sprinkler over spray? Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover will remove those too.

Use on fiberglass boat hulls, RVs, stainless steel, concrete, sprinklers, vinyl siding and more.

Green Cleaning Attributes

  • Removes yellow hue on boat hull
  • No rinsing needed, use in dry storage
  • Clean spider droppings
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

Excellent results for boat hull cleaning and rv exterior cleaning using a Boat RV Brush, Wash Brush Super Soft or Wash Brush Ultra Soft. Or if you prefer longer wash brushes try the Washing Brush Telescopic Flow Thru 66"" or Telescopic Fountain Wash Brush 62"".

Follow up the deep cleaning results of Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover with an application of Boat RV Wax to seal and protect the surface while adding a brilliant shine.

DIRECTIONS: Ready to use. For the yellow hue on a boat hull: Spray on, let stand 1-10 minutes, allowing longer time for salt water conditions and heavy build up. Rinse thoroughly or wipe thoroughly with a clean, cotton towel.

For dull, chalked paint on an rv: Spray on, wipe clean. Agitation with a soft bristle brush may be required on boat and rv surfaces with heavy water mineral build up. Follow up with an application of RV Wax to prevent future build up and create a layer of UV protection and shine.

How to Remove Yellow Water Line Scum Line from Fiberglass Boat Hull | Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover

Overall Customer Rating of 28 Reviews:

works great have used two other products neither one worked like this/having my Ranger boat dealer to place order for this product

Bullard Texas

Water scum line removed

Very impressed with with how well it works and how easy it is to use . Great product !



  • LOW%20COST
This product did EXACTLY what it said it would. Our boat is now stain free! We couldn't be happier with this product and will be ordering more products for boat cleaning in the very near future! Customer for life right here!!!!

North Carolina

Greg Kissel on Hull oxidation remover

Tried the BioKleen oxidation remover on my boat with yellowed stains from river tannic acid. BioKleen works better than Attwoods hull cleaner product and at 1/2 the price. The BioKleen people are professional fast and courteous. If you try it once I guarantee you will never go back to the old products you used in the past. For the naysayers... Biokleen didn't pay me a cent to review their product and write this summary.

Edisto Island, SC

Better than advertised

<p>I keep a boat in saltwater environment most of the year. I fight the yellow water line all the time. I saw the Youtube video on this stuff and could not believe it works that well. It does and then some. I was blown away by how fast this stuff worked and how good a job it did. If you own a boat get this stuff. YOU will not regret it.</p>