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 1 Gallon Case (4) 


Exterior Application: If necessary, remove excess debris to allow salt neutralizer to be applied directly onto surface.

1. Prepare a solution by adding 8oz Salt Kleen to every 1 Gallon of water (1:15 dilution) into a bucket.

2. Dip a wash brush or mitt into solution and scrub entire surface. Allow solution to dwell 1-2 minutes.

3. Rinse with water completely removing salt debris.

Interior Engine Application: Using a stainless steel proportioner at a 1:30 dilution ratio: Attach output to engine flush supply. Turn water on and start engine. Allow to idle 3-5 minutes, or until you see Salt Kleen (yellow-green in color) coming out through exhaust pipes or lower unit.

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Belmmond, iowa

Product worked great


salt neutralizer

I've been using the product thru the winter on the road salt in Massachusetts and I'm delighted to say I am happy with the results. I dilute into a spray bottle, pump sprayer and with an inline proportioner, all three ways seem to work just the same. I highly recommend to anyone who has to drive thru the winter to use this product to help save their vehicle from the ravages of road salt.