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  • Sled Shield - S07703
  • Sled Shield - S07703
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Sled Shield is a corrosion inhibitor package offering our most advanced rust protection available in a thin film product that is free of barium and heavy metals. This rust preventive meets a full range of treat rate and performance requirements, and provides over 100 hours of rust protection as measured by the ASTM B117 salt spray test. It also offers excellent water separation and water displacement properties, ensuring film consistency with one application.

Sled Shield is fortified with a rust preventive and is non-staining, so treated metals and engine compartments can be stored inside or out with exceptional salt spray test performance. Ideal for treating metals that are near the ocean.

Spray on and around entire engine compartment. Spray all metals around bogey wheels and tracks. A thin light coat will perform as tested. Allow to air dry about 30 minutes, cover and store