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Snowmobile Wax - SledBrite Polish Sealant

  • This snowmobile polish provides the ultimate gloss and protection for snowmobiles.
  • A single application of snowmobile wax 1-2 times a year maintains that showroom look all season long.
  • Use SledBrite Polish Sealant and apply like a conventional wax but you’ll use much less and it last much longer. Very easy to apply and buff off – unlike a traditional wax.
  • This snowmobile polish provides a brilliant, high gloss, polymer shine and protection that reduces drag for optimum speed and wind resistance.
  • A snowmobile wax with UV protecting properties and gel coat conditioning that helps prevent surfaces from cracking and drying under UV and engine generated heat.
  • Salt, ice and grime are literally repelled by the non-stick capabilities of Sled Brite Polish Sealant.
  • Yes that’s right. It cleans, polishes and seals all in one application. Amazing!
  • Removes the dullness on your snowmobiles finish while also enriching the color.
  • A brilliant, high gloss polymer protection that lasts all season long.
  • Use on snowmobile hoods, helmets and metals.
  • Safe on decals.

Green Cleaning Attributes

  • Easy on, easy off
  • Polish, Seal, Protect: One Application
  • UV Protection
  • Safe on decals
  • Restores color, brilliant shine
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients

Remove any buildup that could scratch surface first with Snowmobile Belly Pan Cleaner.

To maintain that fresh waxed look, use Sled Spray Wax. Also great for quick and easy buff ups to rid yourself of any water spots that may have accumulated while sitting still.

We recommend applying snowmobile wax with a Wax Applicator.

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well. Clean surface first to remove any excess dirt, allow to dry. Apply with a slightly dampened wax applicator. Apply sparingly (a little goes a long way) and evenly to a cool surface using overlapping circular motions. Let dry to a haze. Buff with a clean, dry, microfiber towel to a brilliant, high gloss. NOTE: Not intended for some vinyl surfaces, simulated wood grain panels, rubber trim or flat paint.

INDICATIONS: Remuer correctement. Nettoyez tout d’abord la surface afin de retirer les excès de terre. Appliquez à l’aide d’une lingette légèrement humide. Appliquez avec parcimonie (un petit peu sur une grande surface) mais régulièrement à la main pour une surface sèche, propre utilisant des mouvements circulaires. Laisser sécher. Polissez ensuite à l’aide d’une lingette douce, sèche et propre afin d’obtenir un éclat parfait.

NOTE: Ne pas appliquer sur certains vinyles, panneaux en imitation de bois, peintures unies ou habillage en caoutchouc.