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LIGHT CLEANING: 1:7 = 1oz to 1 cup water
MEDIUM CLEANING: 1:3 = 2oz to 1 cup water
HEAVY CLEANING: Ready to Use or 1:1 = 1oz to 1oz water


  • Counters / Light General Cleaning: Spray on, wipe clean.
  • Stovetops / Stains / Medium Cleaning: Spray on, let stand 5 minutes, agitate if needed, wipe clean with damp cloth, rinsing often. Wipe with additional dry cloth, if needed.
  • Carpet Stains: Spray on, let stand 5 minutes. Dip a toothbrush or towel (depending on style/thickness of carpet) in a bowl of cool water. Work in circular motions on the stain being careful not to spread beyond the stain; re-dip in water as needed. Blot the area dry with a towel and allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • Set In Laundry Stains: Spray directly onto stain, let stand 5 minutes. Submerse and soak entire garment in a 1oz per 1 gallon cool water solution for 24 hours. Retreat stain and agitate if needed. Wash in cold water and allow to hang dry. Repeat process in needed.
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Apple Valley, Ca

Biokleen Paulines Pride Citrus (H114)

Great stuff! does a number of household cleaning with little effort;)

Hickory Corners Mi

Paulinee Pride Citrus is THE BEST !!!

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I use this great product to clean the water spots off of my bathroom faucets. Works with just a spray & wipe. Today I was also cleaning the bathroon baseboard with it & decided to try it on the white tile & grout on the floor. I have used everything to get that floor white !!! Nothing has worked until today !!! With very little effort the grout & tiles are shining white again !! I will never use anything else again !! It is wonderful !!!!