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Cleaning Chamois (A38500 (10-120-R))

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Bike Chamois - Car Wash Chamois 2 Sq. Ft. Water SpriteĀ® Plus drying and cleaning chamois towel. Also known as a Shammy. This unique cleaning chamois comes in a reusable plastic tube for convenient storage, moist or dry, in glove compartment or...
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San Diego

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I got one of these for my new BMW 535i from the BMW dealer detailer. I have been washing my car and Harley''s for over 35 years. I used to use leather chamois until I got one of these. Not any more. This chamois is nearly perfect. It absorbs more than a leather chamois and lasts twice as long. I keep it in the plastic bag wet. Has not mildewed in over two years. Highly recommended.

Reviews 1-1 of 1