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BKP 1204 - Commercial Laundry Detergent Commercial Laundry Detergent, Commercial Laundry Soap, phosphate free laundry soap, septic safe laundry soap, concetrated laundry soap
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    Laundry Soap - Powdered Laundry Detergent
    Price: $20.95
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      Laundry Soap is a concentrated laundry powder that cleans, brightens and deodorizes while leaving clothes soft and smelling fresh. Made with natural anti-bacterial orange extracts. Fortified with chlorine-free, color safe bleach to keep whites and colors bright and looking new. Our specialized formula contains water softeners and controlled suds to help eliminate mineral deposits on clothing and in your washing machine; reducing replacement and repair costs. Strong enough to remove the...

      Oxibrite - Color Safe Bleach
      Price: $20.95
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      Item #: H11312 -

        Oxibrite is a color-safe bleach that brightens your clothes. Removes stains and dirt on colorfast garments. Concentrated for high performance. Safe for household and commercial washers. Works well in all temperatures, in hard and soft water conditions. Versatile in front loading or top loading machines. Safe for septic systems.

        Bio-Kleen Aire Original - Odor Eliminator
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        Item #: H100 -

          Bio-Kleen Aire Original is an unscented natural bactericidal formulation that works to destroy odors caused by organic decay, smoke, chemicals, sewage, mold, mildew, human scent, fish and animals. Accumulative, long lasting effects.