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Velcro Buffing Compounding Pads
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Item #: A40100 (58-480) -

    Tuffer Buffer® Compounding Pad Wool pad double sided specially designed for compounding and general buffing. This easy to use and flexible pad allows you to buff and compound faster with two sides and get into hard to reach areas without damaging the surface. Use with Fiberglass Restoration Compound as a compounding pad to restore fiberglass boat hulls and rv exteriors that have been heavily oxidized. Use with Buffing Compound as a buffing pad to remove swirl marks and light scratches and...

    Foam Polishing Pad
    Price: $10.95
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    Item #: A40000 (44-748) -

      Speedy Foam® Velcro Polishing Pad Foam polishing pad made from polyester making it a soft, pliable, tough and flexible polishing pad Used for final waxing and polishing with a Wax Polish for the ultimate shine and protection. Eliminates swirl marks and prevents paint burning or graying Velcro polishing pad features a recessed loop back for extra protection from the edges of the hook backing plate. A self-centering pilot tool is included to help align the backing plate onto the pad perfectly...

      Backing Plate
      Price: $19.50
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      Item #: A40400 -

        Velcro Backing Plate A large, professional hook backing plate designed for hook and loop fast attachment. A velcro backing plate for use with 7.50” to 9.00” diameter polishing pads that have loop material backing. J-Hook Style – 7.125” Diameter, Fits 5/8” No. 11 Arbor Spindle For use with Velcro Buffing Pad and Velcro Polishing Pad. ...

        Extender Bolt
        Price: $7.95
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        Item #: A40300 -

          Extender Bolt Professional extender bolt for polishing pad, used to extend the spindle on a polishing machine. Use with backing plates and double sided pads like our Double Sided Wool Pad. Approximately 1 ¾” Length