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Foam Polishing Pad
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Item #: A40000 (44-748) -

    Speedy Foam® Velcro Polishing Pad Foam polishing pad made from polyester making it a soft, pliable, tough and flexible polishing pad Used for final waxing and polishing with a Wax Polish for the ultimate shine and protection. Eliminates swirl marks and prevents paint burning or graying Velcro polishing pad features a recessed loop back for extra protection from the edges of the hook backing plate. A self-centering pilot tool is included to help align the backing plate onto the pad perfectly...

    Backing Plate
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    Item #: A40400 -

      Velcro Backing Plate A large, professional hook backing plate designed for hook and loop fast attachment. A velcro backing plate for use with 7.50” to 9.00” diameter polishing pads that have loop material backing. J-Hook Style – 7.125” Diameter, Fits 5/8” No. 11 Arbor Spindle For use with Velcro Buffing Pad and Velcro Polishing Pad. ...

      Extender Bolt
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      Item #: A40300 -

        Extender Bolt Professional extender bolt for polishing pad, used to extend the spindle on a polishing machine. Use with backing plates and double sided pads like our Double Sided Wool Pad. Approximately 1 ¾” Length