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Vantageā„¢ Velcro Buffing Pad

  • Wool pad designed for compounding durability, performance and value.
  • Use with Fiberglass Restoration Compound as a compounding pad to restore fiberglass boat hulls and rv exteriors that have been heavily oxidized.
  • Use with Buffing Compound as a buffing pad to remove swirl marks and light scratches and oxidation from painted automotive surfaces and as the final step to complete restoration and polish of boat and rv fiberglass.
  • This compounding pad is constructed of select 100% twisted 4-ply wool yarn.
  • Includes a durable polymer backing to provide quality compounding and buffing.
  • A velcro buffing pad that features loop backing which allows you to quickly attach to hook backing plate.
  • This wool pad is also washable for repeated use
  • 7.50"" Diameter, 1.50"" Wool, Curved Edge
  • A self-centering pilot tool is included to help align the backing plate onto the pad perfectly every time.
  • Use with Backing Plate and Extender Bolt.

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