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Decal Application Fluid - Bio-Kleen Amazing Tac

  • Vinyl application fluid makes vinyl and decal application quick and easy.
  • This decal application fluid works on all variety of hard surfaces for vinyl and decals.
  • After applying vinyl and decals surfaces are left streak free and sparkling clean.
  • With Bio-Kleen Amazing Tac no rinsing is needed and no residue left behind.

USES: For use on all surfaces for decal and vinyl application or transfer, repositioning of vinyl, decals or graphics, and vinyl to vinyl applications.

Green Cleaning Attributes

  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • No Artificial Dyes
  • Leaves no Chemical Residue
  • Gentle to Sensitivities & Allergies
  • Concentrated Cleaner: Highly effective allowing you to dilute per application; saving Time, Money, Transportation, Packaging and Shipping Costs. Therefore reducing the environmental impact.
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

DIRECTIONS: Spray and clean the application surface. Spray Bio-Kleen Amazing Tac to flood application surface and apply vinyl decal. When vinyl decal is positioned correctly, squeegee from the center out to remove excess product. Wait 3-5 minutes before removing transfer tape.