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Marine Vinyl Protectant – Bio-Kleen Amazing Armor

  • A biodegradable marine, rv and auto vinyl conditioner and leather protectant.
  • Unlike most vinyl and leather conditioners this is a non greasy formula that won’t leave residue behind on your clothing or skin.
  • A vinyl conditioner that protects, conditions and shines vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic and finished wood.
  • The ultimate protection by guarding against ozone, ultraviolet (UV) rays (with a Sun Protection Factor SPF 70!) and oxygen destruction that cracks and hardens vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic.
  • Apply Bio-Kleen Amazing Armor to rubber rv roofs to seal the surface and reduce chalking that causes white streaks.
  • This marine vinyl protectant forms an anti static, micro thin layer of protection that deters water, airborne pollutants, stains, dust and dirt; this prolongs the time in between cleaning and makes it easier to clean the next time. Bonus!
  • You can also use Bio-Kleen Amazing Armor to shine and protect your automotive interior dash, vinyls and leathers, tires and trimming. Giving you all the needed protection and shine without that ‘greasy sheen’ look.

Excellent for boat, RV, automotive and household items. Use on: marine vinyl, vinyl seats, leather seats, tires, bumper guards, trim, dash boards, vinyl tops, rubber RV roofs, vinyl furniture, luggage, shoes, golf bags, purses and much more.

Green Cleaning Attributes

  • Non Greasy
  • SPF 70 Sun Protection
  • Ultra Violet Ray Protection
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • No Animal Testing - No Animal Ingredients - Cruelty Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non Aerosol, Ozone Safe

Prior to applying a vinyl conditioner, clean surface first with Vinyl Cleaner ensuring no stains are set in. The vinyl protectant will also adhere to the surface better and last longer.

Apply vinyl conditioner with Premium Microfiber Towel or a Microfiber Applicator.


Clean surface first with a vinyl cleaner.

For interior vinyl, leather and upholstery: Spray evenly onto a clean, lint-free cloth or applicator to avoid overspray. Wipe cloth or applicator onto a clean, dry surface producing a shiny, protected finish. Reapply regularly for adequate protection.

For tires and rubber rv roof: Spray evenly across surface and allow to dry. Wipe away any access product. Indirect sunlight applications are recommended.

Overall Customer Rating of 19 Reviews:


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Use this on my boat, motorcycle, and cars. I have provided samples to my closes friends and family.


Amazing Armor Conditioner

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This stuff is named exactly right, it is amazing. This was my second order for it and it does a great job on everything. I use it on my bed cover on my truck, on all the black vinyl trim on my car and truck and on the rubber roof of my RV. It just adds life to everything I put it on. Can not recommend it strongly enough.

This is a great product! I used it for my car interior. It leaves a nice clean polished shine but is not greasy or streaky at all and is biodegradable so no heavy chemical smell. I recommend it.


Product does a nice job and is not greasy or slippery but makes everything look good.

Good Stuff

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<p>I love to use this product on the seats of our boats. It has extended the life of the fabric.</p>