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Waterproof Fabric – Bio-Kleen H2O Repel

  • A water repellent that repels not only water but helps repel stains, soil, road salt and grime.
  • Once you waterproof your fabric it keeps it dry, maintained and looking new.
  • Bio-Kleen H2O Repel is an odorless, fast drying water repellent that will not discolor surface.
  • After waterproofing fabrics they will remain just as they were, non-slippery, flexible and breathable.
  • One application provides an unequaled moisture barrier that lasts for months

Water Repellent Applications

  • Professional: carpet, upholstery, canvas, fabrics and leather
  • Outdoor Gear: boots, tents, tarps, backpacks, sleeping bags, awnings
  • Outerwear: coats, snowpants, gloves, Gore-Tex®, hunting gear
  • Transportation: cars, boats, trucks, buses, RVs
It is very important to keep these fabrics and materials as dry as possible to deter mold, mildew, stains, fading and to make them last. Rather than purchasing brand new expensive, waterproof fabric (that ends up wearing off) make an inexpensive investment that will keep your gear dry and extend its life while saving you money.

Water repellent can be useful for hunters, fisherman, boaters, snowmobile riders, camping enthusiasts, mothers (for children’s snow clothing and general household applications), and all-around outdoorsmen.

For best results, clean surface first with a Fabric Cleaner.

Repoussant H2O
Repoussant professionnel H20 et agent protecteur de tissu

  • Protection multi-usage de tissu
  • Repousse l’humidité
  • Pas de décoloration
  • Idéal pour les vêtements d’extérieur, les tapis, les bottes, les tentes, les canevas et bien plus encore
  • Repousse l’humidité, l’oxydation, la saleté, le sel de la route
  • Maintient les tissus secs et en bon état
  • Formule sans odeur et à séchage rapide qui ne décolorera pas les surfaces
  • Laisse les surfaces non-glissante, flexible et respirante
  • Une application assure une barrière exceptionnelle contre l’humidité durant plusieurs mois


  • Professionnelle: tapis, rembourrage, canevas, tissus et cuir
  • Vêtements d’extérieur: bottes, tentes, bâche, sacs à dos, sacs de couchage, auvents
  • Vêtements de dessus: vestes, pantalons de ski, gants, Gore-Tex, vêtements de chasse
  • Transport: voitures, bateaux, camions, bus, VR
Bio-Kleen H2O Repel can treat from 200 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the type of material treated.

DIRECTIONS: Use in a well-ventilated area. To apply: spray approximately 6 to 10 inches from fabric with a sweeping motion until evenly wet. After spraying, allow to hang dry for 24 hours before using. Test with a few drops of water, if water soaks into fabric, an additional application may be necessary. Test on inconspicuous area first to check for color change. NOTE: Fabric to be protected must be new or freshly cleaned. Fabric must be colorfast.

INDICATIONS: À utiliser dans une pièce bien aérée. Pour l’application: Vaporisez à environ 6-pousses du tissu en balayant jusqu’à ce que la surface soit humide. Après vaporisation, laissez sécher pendant 24 heures avant l’utilisation. Testez-le à l’aide de quelques jets d’eau. Si l’eau pénètre le tissu, une application supplémentaire est nécessaire. À tester sur une zone sans risque afin de vérifier si le produit décolore. NOTE: Pour protéger, le tissu doit être neuf et fraîchement lavé. Le tissu doit être grand teint.
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Water Proof

  • easy
  • quailty
Use this on Everything, Hunting shoes, work boats hunting pants. But most of all on my Baot tarps and canopies. Love this product works well and holds up a long time.

Bio-Kleen Products, Inc. has been a great supplier for all our Marine, Motorcycle and RV Cleaning products. The Polish & Sealant, Amazing Cleaner, Amazing Armor, Black Streak Remover and H2O Repel are great selling, fantastic products that have been a notable addition to our stores; in both the 32oz and 1 gallon sizes. We look forward to long relationship.

Eric Warsin, Owner, Richfield Trailer Supply