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Cleaning Snowmobile Tunnels

Snowmobile aluminum cleaner SledBrite Aluma Kleen is used to clean, brighten and remove oxidation from snowmobile tunnels.

This video demonstrates how to clean, remove oxidation and discoloration and brighten aluminum snowmobile tunnels with the SledBrite Aluma Kleen aluminum cleaner. Prior to cleaning, brightening and removing oxidation from your aluminum snowmobile tunnels you must first remove any grease and surface build up. This is important as the aluminum tunnel cleaner needs to come into contact with the actual surface of the aluminum without any barriers which would prohibit the deoxidizing action.

Aluminum naturally oxidizes and will begin to look dingy, splotchy and discolored if not maintained properly. Snowmobile aluminum and snowmobile tunnels have a tendency to oxidize much faster because of the exposure to the elements, moisture and road salt. The SledBrite Aluma Kleen is a very safe, easy to use product to clean and brighten aluminum tunnels and metal surfaces on your sled, trailer and accessories.

Simply spray SledBrite Aluma Kleen on starting from the bottom and working your way upward, wait for it to foam up (taking anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the severity of oxidation) and wipe or rinse off. It is also recommended to use a brush, not to scrub with pressure, but to spread the product around to ensure even coverage. Not only is the SledBrite Aluma Kleen a fast acting, biodegradable formula that wipes or rinses away clean, but it also contains corrosion inhibitors to help prevent rust and protect your sleds tunnel, aluminum and metals.

Materials Needed:

  • (1) Clean Shop Rag
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • SledBrite Aluma Kleen Aluminum Cleaner
  • SledBrite Belly Pan Snowmobile Cleaner Degreaser
  1. Clean and degrease surface first with SledBrite Belly Pan Cleaner
  2. Spray SledBrite Aluma Kleen across surface of aluminum starting at the bottom and working upward
  3. Allow dwell time of 15 seconds to a few minutes depending on severity of oxidation
  4. Lightly agitate areas with brush to ensure even coverage of cleaner
  5. Wipe clean with shop rag or Microfiber Towel

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