Screen Cleaner - GPS, Fish Finder Cleaner

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Introducing Screen Cleaner, a technology cleaner. Bio-Kleen Screen Cleaner safely cleans high-dollar marine and RV technology such as fish finders and GPS navigation units making it an essential tool for all fishermen, boaters, and recreational enthusiasts alike. Professional bass angler Jonathan VanDam successfully tested the Screen Cleaner throughout the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series and had a few words to say about it in the video below. Screen Cleaner has already received the award for “Best New Item” in 2014 from Northern Wholesale Supply.


Bio-Kleen Screen Cleaner is more than just a cleaner for fish finders and GPS, you can safely clean all types technology, sensitive screens, glass and electronics including: cameras, cellphones, sunglasses, eyeglasses, tablets, laptops, HDTVs, LVD, LED, plasma displays and other electronics. Screen Kleen removes fingerprints, water spots, dust and build-up. Its an easy to use cleaner that creates an anti-static surface and does not contain ammonia or alcohol. Not to mention it’s non-toxic, biodegradable and Made in the USA. Available in a 4oz pump sprayer bottle and comes with a microfiber towel for $12.95.

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