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Clean and Brighten Boat Outdrive Lower

Demonstration video on cleaning and brightening a boat outdrive lower unit with Bio-Kleen Alum Kleen.

This is a short video that demonstrates how to quickly clean and brighten the lower unit of your boat's outdrive with Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen.

If you have a raw aluminum (not painted) outdrive on your boat it can become very dingy and discolored from oxidation. Thankfully there is a very quick and easy way to remove the oxidation and brighten up the aluminum to get it looking sharp again.

Aluminum naturally oxidizes and will begin to look dingy, splotchy and discolored if not maintained properly. Because aluminum on boats is constantly exposed to moisture it tends to oxidize much faster. The Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen is a very safe, easy to use product to clean and brighten aluminum and metal surfaces on your boat, trailer and accessories. It also contains corrosion inhibitors to keep rust from returning. Not only can you use it on your aluminum outdrive but also on any aluminum or metal surface, you can clean pontoons, clean aluminum boats, clean running boards, step plates and diamond plate, clean metal tanks on trucks and RV, clean metal trimming on trailers and RV, clean rust from parts and tools and clean coated wheels and rims.

If you have any amount of build up from water minerals, scale, algae, scum, etc. on your you will first need to clean you outdrive lower unit with the Bio-Kleen Fiberglass Cleaner. This is important as the aluminum cleaner needs to come into contact with the actual surface of the aluminum without any barriers which would prohibit the deoxidizing action. To apply Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen to clean and brighten the outdrive, first ensure the surface is dry. Spray the Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen, starting from the bottom and working up. Allow the product to set from a few moments to a few minutes depending on how heavy the oxidation or discoloration is. The product will turn white and foam slightly. Rinse or wipe off before product dries and you're done. You can see from the video the process takes less than 60 seconds.

Materials Needed:
-Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen
-Garden Hose

1. Spray Bio-Kleen Aluma Kleen onto the boat outdrive lower unit starting from the bottom and working up.
2. Allow product to dwell anywhere from a few moments to a few minutes, depending on oxidation build up, product will turn a white-ish color.
3. Rinse

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