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NOTE: Prior to cleaning inspect RV roof for damage or potential water leaks.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. At least two applications a year are recommended for optimal protection. Use product at regular strength for 1-2 applications per year. For more frequent applications dilute product 1:1 with water (one gallon RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant mixed with one gallon of water).

Sweep excess dirt off RV roof with a broom and rinse entire RV surface including the roof, sides, front, and back. Leave RV roof wet and apply RV Roof Cleaner & Protectant in 3-4 ft. sections. Agitate with a wet scrub brush. Absorb residue with a sponge mop and rinse the mop in a clean bucket of water. Repeat until entire roof is clean and rinse completely. Stubborn areas may require a second application.

Once roof has been cleaned it is strongly recommended to wash the exterior of the RV with RV Wash to clean any sediment removed from the roof onto the RV exterior.

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rubber roof cleaner

saw this advertised in Motorhome magazine - ordered one gallon from Bioklee. Arrived quick - and does a far better job on our rubber roof than other cleaner/protectsnt we have tried. fwiw- we have owned our class C for 19 years - tried a lot of cleaners, and replaced our rubber roof a couple years ago - this cleaner is easy to use as directed, but it's best as a 2 person job - one controlling the hose for rinsing. highly recommended!

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<p>I clean my roof twice a year having used several different "roof cleaners". I thought my roof was pretty clean.

After treating the first area of my roof with &nbsp; Bio-Kleen, I was "Blinded by the light". It was cleaner and brighter than any time in the past 9 years. Roof sealants (Dicor) and edges cleaned up remarkably easy.

Later, after other products didn't work at all, I tried Bio-Kleen on a greasy deposit on my car body. BINGO again!

I will be ordering my second bottle soon!</p>