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BIOKLEEN is a manufacturer of high performance, biodegradable cleaning and detailing products for the marine, RV, snowmobile, motorcycle, automotive, household, janitorial and commercial industries since 1987.

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Upholstery Cleaning Brush
Price: $5.95
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Item #: A39700 (85-634) -

    Upholstery Cleaning Brush This upholstery cleaning brush has stiff to medium, black nylon bristles which are staple-set in a solid plastic block. Extremely durable with a long lasting lifetime.These cleaning brushes are especially effective on upholstery cleaning, carpet and floor mat cleaning and interior cleaning and interior detailing. This handled cleaning brush allows you to clean into the cracks and crevasses of upholstery seats and gives you a firm grip on carpet and floor mats....

    Cleaning Chamois
    Price: $12.50
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    Item #: A38500 (10-120-R) -

      Bike Chamois - Car Wash Chamois 2 Sq. Ft. Water Sprite® Plus drying and cleaning chamois towel. Also known as a Shammy. This unique cleaning chamois comes in a reusable plastic tube for convenient storage, moist or dry, in glove compartment or trunk. No rinsing the next time you need it. Ready to use as you pull it out. Water Sprite® PVA drying chamois actually lifts off residual dirt and grime away from your boat, car, bike or rv surface - ensuring no scratching and leaving it clean and dry....

      Washing Brush Head Bi-Level
      Price: $15.95
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      Item #: A40600 -

        Flow Thru Brush Head This is a replacement, bi-level washing brush head. This can be used as a flow thru wash brush head with a fountain brush or with any wash brush pole. A replacement brush head for boat, rv, truck, car brushes. Made with densely filled flagged-tip bristles staple-set in a bi-level foam block with one threaded fountain handle hole. A lightweight bi-level design that allows you to wash different edges and corners and more area than a regular, flat level brush head. For use...

        Wash Brush Ultra Soft Nylon
        Price: $9.95
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        Item #: A38900 (82-005) -

          Wash Brush – Nylon Brush A soft grip 10"" ultra soft brush for boats, rv, cars, trucks and more. Nylon brush with lightly crimped flagged-tip green bristles. This is a very sturdy, durable brush making it very long-wearing and resistant to rot, mildew, chemicals, alkalis, most solvents and heat. Comes with a deluxe, custom soft grip handle for easy, fatigue free cleaning and washing. Made with nylon bristles safe for all surfaces - Provides for gentle washing of any surface. These wash brushes...

          Cleaning Scrub Brush Cleaning Brush, Scrub Brush, Cleaning Brushes, detailing cleaning brushes, detailing brushes, medium bristle cleaning brushes, medium bristle scrub brush
          Price: $5.95
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          Item #: A37800 (85-624) -

            Scrub Brush – Cleaning Brushes An iron style scrub brush with crimped, white, polypropylene bristles set in a durable plastic block. Plastic iron style handle provides for a good grip and makes this an easy to use cleaning brush. Especially effective on cleaning tires, wheels, upholstery and vinyl car tops. Nylon style cleaning brushes with medium stiffness. A tough wheel cleaning brush with a long lasting lifetime. These iron style cleaning brushes are built to last and remove tough stains....

            Cotton Terry Towels
            Price: $3.95
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            Item #: A39900 -

              100% White Cotton Towels A 2-Pack of 14x17"" soft and absorbent 100% white cotton towels. These towels safely clean, dust and dry surfaces of all kind. Use these white cotton towels in your boat, rv, car, truck, home or office Cost effective: Can be washed and reused hundreds of times Package includes two 14x17"" cotton terry towels. Safe for all surfaces

              Microfiber Wax Applicator microfiber wax applicator, wax applicator, apply wax
              Price: $1.95
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              Item #: A38400 -

                Wax Applicator Professional sponge microfiber wax applicator 4.5""x3.5""x1"" A soft wax applicator designed to last Constructed of a durable foam encased in a soft plush microfiber. Reduces scratching while you apply wax or polish or cleaning and detailing. Can be washed and reused for wax and polish application, cleaning or detailing again and again. Made of a soft and plush microfiber to gently and evenly apply waxes, polishes, protectants and dressings to any surface. A great applicator for...

                Velcro Buffing Compounding Pads
                Price: $21.95
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                Item #: A40100 (58-480) -

                  Tuffer Buffer® Compounding Pad Wool pad double sided specially designed for compounding and general buffing. This easy to use and flexible pad allows you to buff and compound faster with two sides and get into hard to reach areas without damaging the surface. Use with Fiberglass Restoration Compound as a compounding pad to restore fiberglass boat hulls and rv exteriors that have been heavily oxidized. Use with Buffing Compound as a buffing pad to remove swirl marks and light scratches and...

                  Foam Polishing Pad
                  Price: $12.95
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                  Item #: A40000 (44-748) -

                    Speedy Foam® Velcro Polishing Pad Foam polishing pad made from polyester making it a soft, pliable, tough and flexible polishing pad Used for final waxing and polishing with a Wax Polish for the ultimate shine and protection. Eliminates swirl marks and prevents paint burning or graying Velcro polishing pad features a recessed loop back for extra protection from the edges of the hook backing plate. A self-centering pilot tool is included to help align the backing plate onto the pad perfectly...

                    Backing Plate Backing Plate, Velcro Backing Plate, Polishing Backing Plate
                    Price: $21.50
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                    Item #: A40400 -

                      Velcro Backing Plate A large, professional hook backing plate designed for hook and loop fast attachment. A velcro backing plate for use with 7.50” to 9.00” diameter polishing pads that have loop material backing. J-Hook Style – 7.125” Diameter, Fits 5/8” No. 11 Arbor Spindle For use with Foam Polishing Pad, Wool Compounding Pad or Double-Sided Wool Compounding Pad.Get distance from the job with our Extender Bolt. ...

                      Extender Bolt
                      Price: $7.95
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                      Item #: A40300 -

                        Extender Bolt Professional extender bolt for polishing pad, used to extend the spindle on a polishing machine. Use with Backing Plate, Foam Polishing Pad, Wool Compounding Pad or Double-Sided Wool Compounding Pad. Approximately 1 ¾” Length ...