BIOKLEEN is a manufacturer of high performance, biodegradable cleaning and detailing products for the marine, RV, snowmobile, motorcycle, automotive, household, janitorial and commercial industries since 1987.

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Boat Wash Brush
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Item #: A40800 -

    Boat Brush 10" Marine Master Deluxe Deck BrushA quick connect/disconnect deck-style boat wash and scrub brush.Features a durable, premium grade, high-gloss varnished hardwood block for that classic marine look and feel.Complete with wrap-around safety bumper to avoid nicking or bumping your fiberglass, deck or hull.Firm flagged, medium bristle brush designed for that tough water mineral and scum build-up on boats and for all-purpose cleaning of soiled and stained surfaces.For use with Quick...

    Boat Shammy Mop
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    Item #: A41100 -

      Water Sprite® Boat Shammy Mop Marine Master Premium Deck Mop. Amazing, super absorbent synthetic PVA drying material actually lifts residual dirt and grime away from the surface ensuring no scratching and leaving boat decks, hulls and floors clean and dry.This exclusive chamois mop not affected by mildew, bacteria, and common cleaning products and chemicals.Clean and dry those tough to reach areas on your boat deck, hull or sail with the telescopic quick connect/disconnect handle.Great for...

      Telescopic Quick Connect-Disconnect Handle Telescopic Quick Connect Disconnect Handle
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      Item #: A41300 -

        Telescopic Quick Connect-Disconnect Handle Constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum for years of maintenance free use.Quick connect / disconnect push buttons for quick attachment to all accessories.6 ft. telescopic handle extends from 3 ft. to 6 ft. for easy storage with ample reach.Easy grip handles for ease of use and comfort. For use with Boat Wash Brush and Boat Chamois Mop. ...

        Empty Spray Bottle empty spray bottle, clear plastic bottle
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          Clear Plastic Bottle A custom Bio-Kleen 32oz. empty spray bottle (1 Quart, 1/4 Gallon). Purchase a 1 gallon or larger Bulk size and a reusable empty spray bottle to refill. PET style clear plastic bottle safe for use with our cleaning products and many others. Includes a comfortable, heavy duty trigger sprayer that outperforms other general purpose sprayers on the market. Made of a polyethylene resin with a long lasting seating cup and o-rings. Has a comfortable fitting 3-finger handle with...

          Polish Ball polish ball, polishing ball, how to polish metal
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            Polishing Ball Polishing and Buffing: Metals - Clearcoat - Fiberglass This polishing ball is the fastest and most efficient way how to polish metal. 4" diameter polish ball made with soft, durable fibers that will last a lifetime. It is effective and safe on a wide range of surfaces and built to last. Performs excellent on both smooth and textured surfaces. Fits into tight, hard to reach areas to make any difficult polishing job quick and easy. No need to worry, this polish ball connects to...

            Premium Microfiber Towels
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            Item #: A37900 -

              Microfiber Towel Super absorbent, lint-free 16x16"" premium microfiber towels. 75% Polyester / 25% Polyamide. This microfiber towel performs dependably even under heavy, prolonged use. So basically – it’s gonna last. These new technology microfiber towels are perfect for cleaning and detailing away smudges, dust, oil and grease from virtually any surface, without harming or scratching the surface. Produced with a bound edge with soft silk binding which provides durability and protects from...

              Microfiber Terry Towel
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                Microfiber Terry Towel 16x16" Absorbent, Lint-Free Microfiber Terry Towel New technology microfiber terry towels are for cleaning and detailing away smudges, dust, oil and grease from virtually any surface These terry microfiber towels are 70% polyester and 30% polamide fiber construction that penetrates and absorbs all particles to give a deep down shine without scratching Use this Microfiber dusting cloth in your boat, rv, car, truck, home or office to finish cleaning the dirt and lint that...

                Vinyl and Fabric Cleaning Brush
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                Item #: A39800 (82-013) -

                  Marine Vinyl Upholstery Cleaning - X-TREME SG Pro Series™ This vinyl and fabric cleaning brush has medium stiff black nylon bristles are great to scrub build up dirt and grime from marine vinyl interior, upholstery, and automotive interior. Thermal plastic rubber safety bumper prevents accidental scratches, dings and blemishes to boat, rv or car surface. Thermal plastic rubber grips reduce slippage, wet or dry and absorbs shock to your hands. Ergonomic handle provides greater comfort and...

                  Upholstery Cleaning Brush
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                  Item #: A39700 (85-634) -

                    Upholstery Cleaning Brush This upholstery cleaning brush has stiff to medium, black nylon bristles which are staple-set in a solid plastic block. Extremely durable with a long lasting lifetime.These cleaning brushes are especially effective on upholstery cleaning, carpet and floor mat cleaning and interior cleaning and interior detailing. This handled cleaning brush allows you to clean into the cracks and crevasses of upholstery seats and gives you a firm grip on carpet and floor mats....

                    Fountain Brush Telescopic
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                      Telescopic Brush - Washing Brush 62" Boat/RV/Auto Fountain Wash Brush. Flow thru fountain brush with long 62" bi-level, telescopic brush design. Allowing you to store the washing brush at half-length then wash at your desired length. Flow thru fountain brushes allow you to quickly wet your washing surface, wash and easily rinse each washing section - all without setting down your brush. The replaceable 10” brush head carries an abundance of soap and water to the surface to quickly wash away...

                      Cleaning Chamois
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                      Item #: A38500 (10-120-R) -

                        Bike Chamois - Car Wash Chamois 2 Sq. Ft. Water Sprite® Plus drying and cleaning chamois towel. Also known as a Shammy. This unique cleaning chamois comes in a reusable plastic tube for convenient storage, moist or dry, in glove compartment or trunk. No rinsing the next time you need it. Ready to use as you pull it out. Water Sprite® PVA drying chamois actually lifts off residual dirt and grime away from your boat, car, bike or rv surface - ensuring no scratching and leaving it clean and dry....

                        Washing Brush Head Bi-Level
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                        Item #: A40600 -

                          Flow Thru Brush Head This is a replacement, bi-level washing brush head. This can be used as a flow thru wash brush head with a fountain brush or with any wash brush pole. A replacement brush head for boat, rv, truck, car brushes. Made with densely filled flagged-tip bristles staple-set in a bi-level foam block with one threaded fountain handle hole. A lightweight bi-level design that allows you to wash different edges and corners and more area than a regular, flat level brush head. For use...