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Got Water Spots?

Nearly all boaters have trouble maintaining water spots and water stains. The water spots and stains are caused from minerals contained in the water you boat in. Though some waterways are worse than others, most water you boat in will end up leaving water spots and stains. The places you will notice these stains most predominately are on the metals, chrome, exhaust, colored fiberglass, colored vinyl graphics and colored plastic such as the cover to an outboard motor.

Thankfully the Bio-Kleen Fiberglass Cleaner removes the water spots and stains with ease: Simply spray on, brush and rinse. You can see in the video the process takes less than 60 seconds on the thru-hull exhaust tips and is just as successful across the entire boat.

Remove Water Spots
Remove Water Spots & Stains from Boat Hull Exhaust

Bio-Kleen Fiberglass Cleanererglass Cleaner

Boat Exterior Cleaner: Exhaust Tips, Fiberglass, Props & Outdrives

  • Designed to remove: water spots, water stains, chalking, algae, rust, scale, lime, corrosion, oxidation and water minerals from fiberglass and acid resistant surfaces including: fiberglass, metals, porcelain, tile and grout.
  • Clinging spray on gel that increases surface penetration.
  • Rapid action quickly penetrates and dissolves build up.
  • Rinses away freely and leaves surface sparkling clean.