Three New Products by Bio-Kleen

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We are so proud to announce three new products to our extensive line of high-performance cleaners. Awning Cleaner, Amazing Plus, and Kleen Lube have joined the team! 

Make quick work removing mold, mildew, dirt, bird hits, insects, sap, and much more from your awning with Awning Cleaner. Works on canvas, vinyl, and acrylic fabric awnings. Simply spray on, agitate, and rinse clear. Your awning will be looking as good as new in no time!

Vinyl boat seats looking dirty after a long season boating or a winter in storage? Amazing Plus will tackle even the toughest jobs. Fortified with bleach, Amazing Plus will quickly remove set-in stains, mold, mildew, and more from your marine vinyl. Follow up with Amazing Armor to ensure your vinyl stays pristine for years to come. 

Have a squeaky door? Is rust keeping you stuck? Bio-Kleen has a solution for you. Kleen Lube lubricates, protects, and reduces friction. Safe on nearly all surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl, metals, and more. Kleen Lube works quickly and in temperatures as low as -20°F and as high as 210°F. Helps prolong the life of RV slides. Fast-acting and fast-drying, get unstuck with Kleen Lube.

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