New Accessories: Boat Wash Brush, Boat Chamois, and Quick Connect/Disconnect Handle

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We have added three new accessories to complement our boat cleaners. These are three accessories we, as boaters, use personally quite often, so it only makes sense to provide our customers with these same useful additions.

The first is a Boat Wash Brush head. Yes we already have a Fountain Brush Head and a Bi-Level Washing Brush Head, but this one is a little different. First it is not a flow-thru brush head like the other two we carry. It also is designed specifically for the marine industry so it has tougher, stiffer bristles to help easily scrub off that tough water mineral, calcium, and algae build-up.

It's a 10" Marine Master deluxe deck brush which features a durable, premium grade, high-gloss varnished hardwood block for that classic marine look and feel. Complete with wrap-around safety bumper to avoid nicking or bumping your fiberglass, deck, or hull. This is the perfect addition for scrubbing the deck, hull, or pontoon and works great with the Fiberglass Cleaner, Hull Kleen, Oxidation Waterline Remover, Super Suds boat wash, or Aluma Kleen aluminum cleaner.

Next is a Boat Chamois Mop for quick cleaning and drying. This amazing, super absorbent synthetic PVA drying material actually lifts residual dirt and grime away from the surface ensuring no scratching and leaving boat decks, hulls, and floors clean and dry. This exclusive chamois mop is not affected by mildew, bacteria, and common cleaning products and chemicals. This chamois deck mop is probably the best accessory for quickly wiping off that morning dew from your watercraft preventing water spots before they have a chance to dry on. Produces fast drying results on boats, RVs, windows, trailers, cars, planes, motorcycles, and more.

Both the Boat Wash Brush and the Boat Chamois are quick connect/disconnect so you can quickly switch boat cleaning accessories with the push of a button. Both can be used with the third new accessory, the Telescopic Quick Connect/Disconnect Handle. This 6ft telescopic handle extends from 3ft to 6ft for easy storage with amble reach. Constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum for years of maintenance free use. Complete with easy grip handles for ease of use and comfort. The simple design of the quick connect/disconnect push buttons allow quick attachment to all accessories.

We are happy to expand our cleaning accessories to compliment our products and help make your cleaning applications easier and, hey, maybe even fun. These accessories have made our boating experiences more enjoyable because they reduce the time it takes to prep and clean the boat. We think you'll find them very useful as well.

If you have any questions regarding these accessories be sure to contact us.

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