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Waxing, Polishing and Maintaining Surface

Automotive Detailing Step 4

Biokleen ViperAfter removing all contaminants from paint surface, it is time polish and protect. TIP: Apply a rubber/vinyl conditioner to your trim before you polish to help reduce residue and give it that extra shine. This will assist in keeping the polish from adhering to the trim and make it easier to remove if it does happen to stick. Spray a small amount onto a towel, using your index finger, carefully wipe your trim to prevent overspray and runs. 

It is significantly wiser to have ultraviolet rays, ozone, acid rain, tree sap, insects, bird hits, road tar, and all the other road hazards attack a coat of polish than attack your paint. By using a polymer polish on finish of your automobile will have a high gloss shine and a long lasting, protective shield against all of those road hazards. Apply
polymer polish the windshield or windows and rain beads up and rolls off for an ultimate clear view. Incorporated polymers create and retain the hard, high gloss surface sealing the moisture out.

Apply the wax polish with a slightly dampened cloth or applicator, we recommend dampening applicator first with a spray wax. Apply sparingly (a little goes a long way) and evenly by hand or orbital using overlapping circular motions. Your paint will only accept a certain amount of polish and when you apply more than that it is just removed during buffing. After applying, let dry to a haze. When using a
polymer polish instead of traditional wax, you don't get the thick, heavy white haze, just a light hazing, which allows for easy removal.

Buff a small section with a clean, dry, soft cloth to a brilliant, high gloss; shake out the cloth to remove any access and continue. A change of cloths may also be needed if cloth has been used repeatedly. When the car has been completed, examine the vehicle from an angle to check for any water spots or polish residue; if any remain, rebuff with another clean cloth and detailing spray. The next day after polishing it is also a good idea to clean your windows with a glass cleaner to removing any access.

A spray wax is also a great way to keep your vehicle brilliant looking in between washing and polishing. Biokleen detailing spray is a spray on, wipe off formula that cleans and shines giving you all of the gloss and protection of a polish in a fraction of the time. You can safely remove dust, smudges, fingerprints, bird hits, rain film and water spots. Just mist spray wax on cool, dry finish and buff lightly with a soft cloth.

TIP: All cloths should be washed using only detergent. Do not add any fabric softener to the water or dryer sheets to the dryer. These contain coatings that are transferred to your car cloths and may cause streaks.

Automotive Detailing; Step 5: Cleaning and Protecting Vinyl, Leather and Upholstery Interior

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