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Automotive Detailing Step 3

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It is now well known that it is not a good idea to use dish detergents to wash your car. These detergents will strip any type of wax or sealant right off your car, along with your hard work and dedication. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a car wash is that powder car washes could scratch your paint. As the un-dissolved granules can lodge under your sponge or wash mitt and be spread over the surface. We recommend using a liquid vehicle wash.

Pour one ounce of
liquid vehicle wash per gallon of water into a bucket. Hot water always increases efficiency. Make sure the surface of your car is cool enough for you to comfortably keep your hand on it. Give the car a gentle spray to thoroughly wet the surface, high pressure will not be needed and may pound the dirt into the paint and cause imperfections. Apply to surface, using a clean sponge, wash brush or mitt. Start at the top and work down washing and rinsing only one section at a time. Before soap dries, rinse with a flow of water (not spray) so water sheets off vehicle’s surface. Continue on down the car, completing a section at a time. This way, the car wash will not dry on the paint. Dry the car as soon as possible. Wipe dry with a chamois. If using a towel, start at the top, lay the towel on the top and then gently blot up the water from the surface. Change to a dry towel and blot any access water.

If you happen to have the unfortunate, but inevitable, bird dropping land on your car, try removing it as soon as possible. Acids in bird droppings are very harmful tend to etch tiny recessions in your paint. Fast removal will help to reduce any harm. Carry around a bottle of detailing spray to safely remove those damaging bird hits and other touch ups. This will give enough lubrication so you will not scratch your paint with the gravel contained within these droppings. Yes gravel. Birds use it to digest their food and if not taken care of properly it can scratch your paint.

Automotive Detailing; Step 4: Waxing, Polishing and Maintaining Surface

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