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Snowmobile Tunnels Cleaning and Polishing

Use this easy 3 Step Guide to clean, deoxidize, shine and protect your snowmobile tunnels and other metals on your sled, snowmobile trailer and sled accessories.

Step 1: Remove surface grease and build up from snowmobile tunnels.

Spray snowmobile belly pan cleaner onto snowmobile tunnel surface. Wipe clean with cloth. Tough deposits may require agitation with a damp cloth or a stiff bristle brush and dwell time. SledBrite belly pan cleaner is safe on decals.
  • Professional Strength, Premium Grade Snowmobile Cleaner
  • Safe, Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Non Aerosol, No VOCs
 SledBrite Belly Pan

Vaporisez puis laissez le produit agir pendant 1 à 5 minutes. Essuyez ou rincez. Essuyez ou rincez. Certains dépôts peuvent nécessiter l’emploi d’une lingette humide ou d’une brosse à poil dur et plus long. Sans risque sur décalques.

Step 2: Remove oxidation from snowmobile tunnels.

Spray snowmobile tunnel cleaner onto snowmobile tunnel or metal surface starting frrom the bottom and working your way up (this help prevents streaking). Let stand, allowing product to foam (15 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on severity of oxidation). Use a cleaning brush to move product around, ensuring even coverage. Wipe clean. 

NOTE: Your snowmobile tunnels or metals/aluminum may have varying levels of oxidation which may cause streaking. If streaking occurs, reapply; allow longer dwell time and follow application directions.


  • Removes Oxidation and Discoloration from Tunnels, Metals and Aluminum
  • Helps Prevent Future Corrosion
  • Cleans and Brightens
 SledBrite Alumka Kleen

 Tunnel Before Aluma Kleen  Part Before Aluma Kleen

Enduisez la surface ce qui permet de faire mousser (laissez reposer 15 secondes à 5 minutes selon le niveau d’oxydation), essuyez ou rincez. Si les rainures restent bouchées, réappliquez ; permet au produit de mousser et d’être vaporiser de nouveau ce qui assure un traitement uniforme. Nettoie et polis; aide à contrer l’effet de corrosion.

  • Retire l’oxydation et la décoloration
  • Aide à contrer l’effet de corrosion
  • Nettoie et polis

Step 3: Shine and protect snowmobile tunnels.

Apply the snowmobile metal polish with a polishing ball and a common drill. Always use polishing ball with drill in forward, or clockwise, direction. Place two to four dime-size drops of polish proportionally across the ball for initial application. Add one to two additional drops as needed for the application. Start by using the drill at slow speeds until polish is absorbed, then increase speed.

Snowmobile tunnel, or metal surfaces, will turn black with application. Buff off with additional
polishing ball and/or additional clean, dry terry cloth towel for brilliant shine and sealed protection.

Always use precaution when using hand tools. Always wear protective eyewear.

  • Removes Dullness from Snowmobile Tunnels and Metals
  • Creates a Unmatched, Brilliant Shine
  • Heat Resistant up to 1350º F
  • Polishes Most Metals

To use the snowmobile metal polish without a polishing ball, place a clean, dry terry cloth towel over mouth of bottle - flip bottle over, using that dime sized spot (this amount of product will do about a 12x12" square of aluminum), rub vigorously until polish turns black.

Buff off with
additional clean, dry terry cloth towel for brilliant shine and sealed protection.
 Polishing Ball

 Tunnel Before Metal Polish 1
 Tunnel Before Metal Polish 2
 Tunnel Before After Metal Polish

Secouez correctement le produit afin de l’activer. Essuyez vigoureusement la surface (sèche et sans traitement) à l’aide d’une lingette sèche et propre jusqu’à ce que le polissant devienne noir. Essuyez la surface à l’aide d’une lingette supplémentaire sèche et propre pour un éclat impeccable. Résistant à la chaleur jusqu’à 1350°F

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