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SledBrite snowmobile cleaners are a complete line of superior, fast and effective cleaning products specifically designed for snowmobiles; guaranteed to quickly clean and efficiently maintain your sled, trailer and accessories or you get your money back.

Snowmobile Tunnels and Aluminum Cleaner

SledBrite Aluma Kleen is a biodegradable, non toxic snowmobile tunnel and aluminum cleaner that cleans and brightens aluminum and metal surfaces on your sled.
  • Remove oxidation and discoloration from tunnels, aluminum and metal on snowmobile.
  • Help prevent corrosion from returning.
  • Clean, brighten and protect snowmobile tunnels in one step.
  • SledBrite Aluma Kleen is excellent for removing oxidation, discoloration, salt and corrosion from snowmobile tunnels and aluminum components on your sled, trailer and vehicles.
  • Fast acting formula foams on contact and rinses away clean.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to help prevent rust and protect your sleds metals and aluminum.
  • Excellent for removing salt corrosion in your snowmobile engine compartment.

Made in USA

 Tunnel Before Aluma Kleen
 Tunnel After Aluma Kleen

Aluma Kleen
SledBrite Aluma Kleen 32oz ($15.95)
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Snowmobile Tunnels and Metals Polish

  • Sled Brite Metal Polish is guaranteed to shine your snowmobile tunnel, trailer, heat shields or virtually any oxidized metal.
  • A few drops buffed onto a clean surface using a circular motion is all it takes. Your tunnel will shine like the day you picked it up from the show room floor.
  • SledBrite Metal Polish is a concentrated, fast drying, metal polish formulated for hand cleaning of aluminum, stainless steel, gold, brass, chrome, silver and more.
  • Lasts longer than conventional metal polishes
  • Seals as it polishes metals for lasting protection
  • Heat resistant on metals up to 1350ºF

Made in USA

 Tunnel Before Metal Polish

SledBrite Metal Polish 2oz ($8.95)

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See our 3 Step Guide to clean, deoxidize, shine and protect your snowmobile tunnels.

 Snowmobile Tunnel Restore Kit
Snowmobile Tunnel Restore Kit